1. How is the HKSESSA related to the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme (HKSES)?
The HKSES was launched in 2014 to support outstanding local students to pursue studies at world renowned universities outside of Hong Kong. HKSES Scholars are eligible for full membership in the HKSESSA. For more information on applying for the scholarship, please visit the HKSES website:

2. What is the legal nature of the HKSESSA? What regulates the HKSESSA?
HKSESSA is a company limited by guarantee and is incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622). The HKSESSA is regulated by its constitution and any by-laws passed at the Annual General Meeting.

3. I am interested in applying to become a Functional Committee member. Are there positions open?
Our association aims at organising programmes and events in the following five core areas: (1) Networking activities, (2) Mentorship programme, (3) Policy research, (4) Career exposure series, and (5) Overseas outreaching opportunities.  We welcome our talented scholars to join us on board as Functional Committee members. If there is a particular role you deem would fit in our team, or would like to learn more about the position, please e-mail the respective Principal Officer. Our positions are open throughout the year, please refer to our homepage for details.

4. What are the different roles and functions of the Functional Committee?
The role of the Principal Officer is to oversee, advise and provide resources to Functional Committee members. Functional Committees, led by the Director, will plan and implement ideas that the Executive Committee developed.

5. How much time should I expect to commit when joining a Functional Committee? 
For reference, the Executive Committee is expected to have a 2-hour meeting every three weeks on a weekend. However, the commitment varies according to the projects and each committee is encouraged to work on a basis that works best for the team.

6. How are the HKSESSA advisors chosen? Can I nominate advisors?
The HKSESSA seeks both local and overseas advisors from various professions and industries to support our members and further the development of the association. We welcome nominations all year round. Please email us at, or fill in the form here.

7. I represent a company/business and would like to work with members of the HKSESSA. What kind of career activities do you host and who do I contact?
The HKSESSA continually solicits support from academic institutions for our mentorship programme; and collaborate with companies, NGOs and government organisations for our career exposure series in creating internship and career opportunities. We also work with government bodies, youth development groups and international authorities such as the United Nations to support our policy interest groups. Please e-mail us at


8. What types of memberships are available and what are the fees?
  • Full Membership:
    • eligible to any person who has been awarded the HKSES scholarship, has no previous criminal record and pays the membership fee in due course.
    • HK$250 for students under the scholarship period; HK$550 for non-students
  • Associate Membership:
    • eligible to any person who has been a volunteer or a contributor to HKSESSA but not eligible to apply as a Full Member. He/she must be nominated by at least two Full Members, and approved by special resolution in the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”).
    • HK$550

9. What is the HKSESSA membership cycle?
  • The membership cycle runs from 1 September 1 to 31 August 31 every year.
  • Membership is open to application throughout the year. However, please note that it is not possible to pay by instalments, and applicants are required to pay the full amount regardless of the date of application.

10. When is the membership application open?
The membership application is open throughout the year. Set on an annual basis, it ends in August the following year. If you are interested in joining the HKSESSA, you may check out our promotion in August every year. To apply, please visit our homepage or e-mail us at

11. Is life membership available?
No, currently we do not offer life membership. However, we are open to the possibility, subjected to our scholars’ responses.

12. Will my membership automatically be renewed each year?
No. The membership cycle runs from September 1 to August 31 every year. Our members will be notified at least three weeks before the start of the new cycle of the opportunity to renew their membership.

13. Do I still have to pay to attend HKSESSA events after paying for the membership?
Yes, registration or participation fees are required for our events, all of which are member-exclusive. The price varies depending on the type of event and the membership status.

14. What benefits do I enjoy as a member?
Our members can join our diverse programmes designed to enhance their career and academic development. Specifically, there will be opportunities to network with scholars across industries and years of award, brainstorm and research policy ideas, enhance their academic and career experiences through our mentorship programme, career exposure series, as well as overseas outreaching opportunities.

15. How do I change my personal information with HKSESSA?
Please e-mail us at


16. Will I miss out on most of the HKSESSA events if I am an overseas student?
  • While most of the events are based in Hong Kong, the HKSESSA aims to schedule them during Christmas, spring and summer breaks when there is a higher chance for overseas students to return to Hong Kong. 
  • Overseas or online opportunities and events will also be organised to accommodate overseas students.

17. What can I gain from the Career Exposure Series?
We are planning to collaborate with career societies at top universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics, University of College London, etc. Although you might have access to your own university’s career society, we will meet passionate and career-minded students from different universities and establish meaningful connections that last long! We have established connections with Cambridge Investment Banking Society and UCL Asia Career Society. Career workshops on finance, law, consulting, technology, humanities, arts, and many more topics will be organised. These workshops will cover industry overview, spring week and summer internship application tips etc. You will meet like-minded and ambitious individuals and network with them to gain high quality personal and professional connections through our various activities, such as the Human Library programme on the pipeline in the upcoming two or four years’ time.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

HKSESSA is currently accepting full membership applications from recipients of the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme.

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